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University Festivals

Every autumn, festivals are held at each of the four Toyo University campuses, and attended by many local residents as well as students and graduates.

Diverse Program Planned by Students

At the University festivals, various associations such as circles and seminars can show and announce the results of their activities and exhibit their work in open booths. Many excellent performances are also presented on stages and in halls with many parts on the programs including stand-up comedians and talk shows by celebrities. Stamp rallies, lotteries, flea markets and pageants are also enjoyed by everyone, even those attending the Hakusan Festival for the first time. In 2011, some programs were set up to provide support after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Theme selection, planning, and program management for university festivals are handled by the students. The festivals are supported by student volunteers, and provide an opportunity for the student executive committee members to learn the importance of hard work to achieve successful event management, and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Gate  Food Stall Food Stall

 Cheerleading Dancing Band Performance

 Comic Duo Exhibition Exhibition

 Exhibition Exhibition Showcase of Work

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