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Lectures and Events

Various lectures and events are held at Toyo University throughout the year. These include frequent lecture meetings and international symposiums which are open to the general public.

Visits and Lectures by Famous Persons

Visit by Mahathir bin Mohamad, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia

the former Primer Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir bin Mohamad

On November 15, 2011, the former Primer Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohamad, visited Toyo University. At this special opportunity, various events were held to review future developments in Asia and Japan's role in Asia, such as the "Campus Meetings" to exchange opinions with the students and an international forum for the establishment of APPPI (Asia PPP Institute, a new research institute for PPP education research and project planning for individual countries in Asia) to be opened by the University's PPP research center.

"Campus Meeting"

Campus Meeting

This was meeting was held in response to the request by the former Prime Minister to have an exchange with Japanese students. About 770 students packed the hall, and various questions from 14 representative students were submitted. Comments from the former Prime Mister conveyed his strong message that "The knowledge that you have acquired and the efforts you have made should be used to benefit society and others, not yourself."

President Meeting

President Meeting

Former Prime Minister Mahathir and representatives from 10 universities were invited to Toyo University's 125th Anniversary Meeting of Presidents. The theme of the meeting was studies which should be promoted by universities in a modern society where internationalization is progressing, and what kind of persons should be trained to contribute to this society. An exchange of opinions while seeking the views of former Prime Minister Mahathir could be carried out.

Special International PPP Forum "Oriental Wisdom Infrastructure / Manufacturing PPP Development"
Special International PPP Forum

Holding this meeting was possible due to the establishment of the APPPI (Asia PPP Institute). All panelists agreed with former Prime Minister Mahathir comment that "in recent years, many countries have faced serious problems related to finance, health care, and infrastructure. To resolve the root problems, it is necessary for the whole world to work together."

Lecture by Donald Keene at his Honorary Doctorate Acceptance Ceremony, and other Lectures on Traditional Culture at the Faculty of Letters
Dr.Donald Keene

In November of 2011, Toyo University bestowed an "Honorary Doctorate" to Dr. Donald Keene. This title was given in appreciation of his excellent international work as a leading expert on Japanese literature and cultural studies, and especially for his efforts to provide opportunities to Toyo University students to learn about Japanese literature and culture as an academic advisor since 2008, as well as his achievements that have contributed to the progress of educational studies.


Dr. Keene’s lecture, "Appreciation for Beauty during the Dynasty Period" in November of 2011  in commemoration of his honorary doctorate, was attended by about 750 people. He began by stating "when discussing Japanese culture, 'Appreciation for Beauty' must be mentioned." He talked about the "Tales of Genji." and concluded by stating that "when we see characters in Japanese classical literature, we recognize them as 'actual human beings' just like ourselves. All the emotions- hate, desire, love- are the same as in modern times."

International Symposium and International Meeting

Toyo University held an international symposium and international meeting to discuss and announce academic achievements through an international network.

2011 International Symposium "Reciprocating Type Education System for Developing Teachers"

International Symposium

As part of the "Graduate Ability Development via the Reciprocating Type Education System" program, which was adopted as the 2009 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology University Education / Student Support Project [Theme A] University Education Promotion Program, researchers from England, America, Denmark, and the Netherlands were invited to discuss the potential of a reciprocating type education system for developing teachers with Japanese researchers and business people.

International Research Center for Philosophy / Web International Meeting

Web International Meeting

The International Research Center for Philosophy also held a Web International Meeting for a discussion among Japanese, French, and Austrian researchers over the Internet. Bases were located in Japan at Toyo University (Tokyo, Hakusan Main Campus Special Conference Room), in France at the Library of Professor Kambouchner (Paris), and in Austria at the University of Vienna (Vienna). Simultaneous interpretation in Japanese, French, and German was provided, and an introspective interchange could be achieved while maintaining language and cultural diversity.

Cultural Lectures, Concerts, Exhibitions, Etc.

Cultural Lecture

Cultural lectures and academic exhibitions of artistic contents (music and performing arts) held by Toyo University provide opportunities to enjoy performances such as concerts and dances. In addition to students, the general public is also invited to attend.

Libraries at each campus also hold exhibitions of their collections based on specific themes throughout the year.