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Courses and Lecturers

Since the explanation of courses is going to be given at the orientation by faculty and subject, please make sure to be present. Every year, incomplete course registrations are found among students who didn’t attend the orientation. Necessary information is written in the “registration directory”. At registration, please read it carefully and make sure to avoid any mistakes. If you need some advice concerning registration, please approach the educational affairs section’s window. However, the window will be especially crowded at the beginning of the term, therefore, please organize what it is that you want to consult about before you visit there.
Since the registration directory distributed at school entry will be used for four years, please take a good care of it.

Registration Procedure

At the course registration, you have to register courses you plan to take during the term (academic year) by the appointed time. You can register using computers at school or any other computer if it is connected to the Internet. In regard to the schedule and the method, we recommend first-year students carefully read the material distributed at the enrollment procedure, and for two to four year students to carefully read the material distributed at the promotion procedure.

Lecture Cancellation

In regard to lecture cancellations, when we hear from a teacher in charge, it will be posted on the cancellation bulletin board and as bulletin information on the “Toyo University Web information system”. So please check before class starts. In addition, in the case where the teacher is still not present 30 minutes after the class starts, in spite of it not being posted on the cancellation bulletin board, it is regarded as a natural cancellation.

Report of Absence


When you are absent from class for compelling reasons, please report it directly to the teacher in charge the next time you attend the class. We will never put you through to a teacher by phone or at the window.

In Case of Long Absence

In case that you are absent from class more than three months for compelling reasons such as sickness, you can take a leave of absence from school by getting permission from the faculty council of the faculty to which you belong. Please submit an application for leave of absence permission to the educational affairs section’s window along with a medical certificate and other needed documents.

For details, refer to the “registration directory” and the “the graduate school directory”.