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Club Activities

Enjoying University Life with Close Companions


At our university, "Circles" for various fields including academics, culture, and sports are organized. Circle activities are an important part of university life, and the experiences gained from the actives and people in the circle last a lifetime. This will make university life shine.

Circle activities are mainly operated voluntarily by people who share hobbies and special skills. Do not allow such activities to affect classwork. Be sure to observe university and social rules, and participate responsibly. It is also necessary to be aware of prohibitions on forced drinking of alcohol and sexual harassment.

If problems such as pressure to join or other problems that cannot be resolved occur, please consult with the Student Affairs Section.

About Circle Activities


First, it is necessary to register a circle with the university. After receiving the required documents at the Student Affairs Section, these must then be submitted. Associations that are not registered cannot be accepted as a university circle. Circle activities are for students to enjoy, but they also bring responsibility. A detailed plan should be made to prevent accidents, and social responsibility should be taken along with risk management so that circle activities can be enjoyed by all.

How to Establish a New Circle


First, find other students who share a hobby or certain skill, and then find a circle advisor. Only full-time university teachers can serve as advisors. Perhaps you can ask a teacher from one of your courses or seminars. After a teacher agrees to be an advisor, then just submit the "Circle Establishment Application" to the Student Affairs Section. Required documents must be received by the Student Affairs Sections.

  • Doing what you enjoy ・・・ Something you can only do now
  • Meeting new people ・・・ Sharing good times, joys, and troubles
  • Observe rules ・・・ Do not violate drinking and smoking rules

- We support your activities -

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