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The measure for safety and hygiene

Disaster Response Measures

Each campus has disaster response drills conducted every year in collaboration with the local fire department. A stock of supplies for emergencies is also managed.
If a disaster occurs, an emergency headquarters is immediately set up by the administrative director and president, etc., and response activities including notification, evacuation guidance, fire extinguishing, rescue, transporting, and safeguarding are handled under a unified command-and-control system.

Safety Management

A safety committee is established to properly care for the storage of chemicals for various tests and storage of hazardous materials for the university, and also for properly managing facilities such as genetic research facilities.
Safety is ensured from various viewpoints including the seismic reinforcement of buildings, removal of asbestos, and ceiling collapse prevention in large open areas.

Health Management

Regular health checks are required once a year in harmony with the School Health and Safety Act. Toyo University provides regular health checks for all students every year.
In the first-aid room of each campus, first-aid, health consultations, assistance for those trying to quit smoking, and alcohol patch tests are provided.
Automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) are also installed at the university.