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Temple Garden of Philosophy

About the Temple Garden of Philosophy

The Temple Garden of Philosophy (lit. Philosophy Hall Park), located in Tokyo's Nakano Ward, was created by Dr. Enryo Inoue as a place for "Mental Cultivation" based on philosophy. In this unique location, there are buildings and monuments related to philosophy as well as ponds, mounds and other features that visualize the world of philosophy. The Temple Garden of Philosophy is also a beautiful spot for viewing flowers in different seasons.

History of the Park

In 1904, the Four Sages Hall was constructed followed by the Pagoda of the Six Wise Men, the Pavillion of the Three Traditions, and the Gate of Philosophical Reason. During the Taisho Era, the Cosmos Hall and the Citadel of the Absolute were built. Originally, Dr. Enryo Inoue aquired the ground as the new campus of the Philosophy Academy (predecessor of Toyo University). However, for some reason the university was never moved there, and Dr. Enryo Inoue created the park instead. In 1944, the park was donated to the Tokyo government, and in 1975, it became a public park managed by Nakano Ward. After this, old buildings were renovated and provisions for preservation made such as the official designation as a cultural property of Nakano Ward. In February of 2009, the Temple Garden of Philosophy was designated a scenic spot by the Tokyo Education Board.

Relationship with Toyo University

The Temple Garden of Philosophy is connected with Toyo University in various ways. Our university holds a Buddhist memorial service on the anniversary of Dr. Enryo Inoue's death on the 6th of June every year. The ceremony is performed next to the park at Renge Temple, where Dr. Enryo Inoue's tomb is located. Toyo University also holds the Philosophy Hall Ceremony every first Saturday of November in the Temple Garden of Philosophy. The festivity shows our desire to spread philosophy and pass on the spirit of Toyo University according to Dr. Enryo Inoue's will.

Main building of Rengeji temple
6th of June, Founder's Memorial Service in the main hall of Renge Temple

Lecture at
November, Lecture in the Cosmos Hall at the Philosophy Hall Ceremony

Buildings, Monuments, and Other Features of the Park

Tetsurimon Gate

Gate of Philosophical Reason

The Chinese character for philosophy is found on the front of the gate's roof tiles. After passing through this gate, the main buildings of the Temple Garden of Philosophy can be seen including the Four Sages Hall straight ahead and the Pagoda of the Six Wise Men to the right.


Pagoda of the Six Wise Men

The Japanese statesmen Prince Shotoku and Sugawara no Michizane, the Chinese thinkers Zhuangzi and Zhu Xi, and the Indians philosophers Nagarjuna and Kapila are commemorated here as the Six Wise Men of the Orient.


Four Sages Hall

The main building commemorates the Chinese philosopher Confucius, the Indian sage Buddha, and the two western thinkers Socrates and Kant. The Four Sages are one of the symbols of Toyo University.

Toyo University Monument

Monument by Toyo University

The inscription of the monument in front of the Four Sages Hall says "Park for Cultivating the Heart." The stone monument praises Dr. Enryo Inoue's accomplishments.


Skull Hermitage

 This garden house served as a reception and recovery room. Here, the visitor can get rid of worldly contaminations before getting in touch with the philosophical spirit.


Cosmos Hall

Philosophy is the study of the cosmic truth. Therefore, the lecture room is called Cosmos Hall. At the Philosophy Hall Ceremony a lecture is given here about one of the Four Sages.


Citadel of the Absolute

The name of the library indicates that "reading books is the path to reaching the world of the Absolute."


Slope of Experience

This path leads to the Garden of Materialism. The stairs represent the gradual accumulation of knowledge through experimentation and observation as employed in physics, chemistry and the other natural sciences.

Access to the Park


1-34-28 Matsugaoka, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo 165-0024


12 minutes on foot from the Araiyakushi-Mae Station of the Seibu Shinjuku Line
13 minutes on foot from the Ochiai-Minami-Nagasaki Station of the Oedo Line.

*There is no parking available so please use public transportation.

Park Hours:

April 1 to September 30, 8:00am to 6:00pm
October 1 to March 31, 9:00am to 5:00pm


End of the year (December 29 - 31)

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