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Three Keywords

Offering a flexible curriculum based on the philosophical approach that dates back to the university’s foundation, Toyo University emphasizes education that enables students to develop their own perspectives and insights and to act on the basis of their own philosophy.
Foundation-level educational programs cover a wide range of fields—from natural science, history and literature to sports. Among them, interdisciplinary classes offered online can be taken by students at any campus. These classes include subjects unique to Toyo University.

2. Globalization

With the aim of developing people capable of working effectively in a global environment, Toyo University offers overseas study programs in all faculties to help students improve their foreign-language abilities and cultivate global perspectives. Schools and departments also offer unique international programs, such as the global business communication course (Faculty of Business Administration) and Ambassadors’ Lectures (Faculty of Regional Development Studies) for which ambassadors from various countries are invited to lecture.

3. Career Preparation

Toyo University helps students make informed choices about their future careers. Career preparation support, available to all students, include internships. We also offer various non-degree programs to support individual students, which include mock interviews for juniors and an on-campus recruitment fair in which more than 300 companies participate.