1887Dr. Enryo Inoue founded the private Philosophy Academy (forerunner of Toyo University) on the grounds of Rinsho Temple in today's Bunkyo Ward of Tokyo.
1903Name changed to Philosophy Academy University.
1904Completion of the Philosophy Hall in today's Nakano Ward (donated to Tokyo Prefecture in 1944).
1906Name changed to Toyo University.
1916First enrollment of women (one of the earliest co-ed universities in Japan).
1919Death of founder Dr. Enryo Inoue in Dalian (China).
1928Toyo University approved under the University Establishment Law.
1949Restructured under the School Education Law; Faculty of Literature founded.
1950Faculty of Economics and Junior College established.
1952Second department of the Faculty of Literature established.
1956Faculty of Law established.
1959Faculty of Sociology established.
1961Opening of Kawagoe Campus; Faculty of Engineering established.
1964Correspondence courses established.
1966Faculty of Business Administration established.
1977Opening of Asaka Campus.
1987Celebration of 100th Anniversary.
1990Founding of Inoue Enryo Memorial Center.
1992Completion of Hakusan Campus Building No. 1.
1994Initiation of academic calendar beginning in October; completion of Hakusan Campus Buildings No. 2 and No. 3.
1996Bio-Nano Electronics Research Center established.
1997Opening of Itakura Campus. Faculties of Regional Development Studies, Life Sciences established.
1998Remote lecture system "Space Collaboration System" and information network system "ToyoNet" implemented.
2001Completion of Hakusan Campus Building No. 4 and Itakura Campus Building No. 3.
2002Completion of Hakusan Campus Hosui-no-Mori Park, Kawagoe Campus Building No. 1 and Library.
2003Completion of Hakusan Campus Enryo Inoue Memorial Building and Kawagoe Campus Building No. 2.
2004Legal work post graduate course(Law School) established.
2005Freshmen and sophomores at Asaka Campus (Faculties of Literature, Economics, Business Administration, Law and Sociology) transferred to Hakusan Campus to start unifi ed education.
Faculty of Human Life Design founded at Asaka Campus.
2006Hakusan 2nd Campus opened and Law School relocated there. Otemachi Satellite opened as a result of founding the Course of Public/Private Partnership Program at Graduate School of Economics.
2007Graduate School of Interdisciplinary New Science founded.
2008150th anniversary of Dr. Enryo Inoue’s birth.
Human Development and Primary elementary Education Courses established at Department of Education of Faculty of Literature(day course). Department of Social Economic Systems of Faculty of Economics renamed Department of Policy Studies.
2009Faculty of Engineering reorganized as Faculty of Science and Engineering.
Faculty of Information Science and Arts founded at Kawagoe Campus.
Departments of Applied Biosciences and Food Life Sciences founded at Faculty of Life Sciences.
Human Care and Support, and Child care Support Courses established at Department of Human Care and Support of Faculty of Human Life Design.
Faculty of Regional Development Studies relocated to Hakusan 2nd Campus.
Course of Human Environment Design founded at Graduate School of Welfare Society Design.
Environmental Studies Course established in Course of Economics of Graduate School of Economics.
2010Department of Regional Development Studies at Faculty of Regional Development Studies adopted a two-course system with the addition of the Regional Studies Course comprehensive Course (evening course).
Course of Marketing and Business, Accounting and Finance established at Graduate School of Business Administration. The small and medium-size enterprise management consultant course was established in Course of Business, Accounting and Finance.
7th Building of Kawagoe Campus and 5th building of Itakura Campus completed.
2011General Sports Center completed.

A ceremony to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the university held on November 23.
The 125th Anniversary Memorial Building(Building #8)completed at the Hakusan Campus.


Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences established at the Itakura Campus.
Faculty of Regional Development Studies and Law School relocated to the Hakusan Campus.
Department of Eastern Philosophy and Culture established in the Faculty of Letters.


Graduate School of Science and Engineering established as a result of the reorganization of the Graduate School of Engineering.
Toyo University Himeji Junior High School opened.
Inoue Enryo Memorial Research Center established as a result of the reorganization of the Inoue Enryo Memorial Center.


Toyo University Ushiku Junior High School opened.
Name changed to Toyo University Keihoku Junior and Senior High School.

Tetsugakukan Old lesson scenery

The 50th anniversary of foundation Hakone ekiden