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At a Glance

  • Toyo has a long tradition and history. In 2012,Toyo celebrated its 125th anniversary since its foundation.
  • Toyo is one of the largest universities in Japan with over 30,000 students.
  • Toyo offers both liberal arts and science courses.
  • Toyo's sports teams, including baseball, field athletics, sumo wrestling and ice hockey,demonstrate superior ability in intercollegiate competitions (producing numerous professional athletes).


Hakusan Main Campus is located in the heart of Tokyo. They can be conveniently reached by train in 14 minutes from Ikebukuro, 20 minutes from Shinjuku and 13 minutes from Akihabara. Both campuses combine the advantages of being located at an informtaion and cultural hub and endowed with a quiet, green environment as represented by Koishikawa Botanical Gardens in the neighborhood. All other campuses are conveniently located, and can be accessed in less than 10 minutes from the closest train stations.



Hakusan main campus


Kawagoe Campus/Asaka Campus


Itakura Campus

Academic Calendar

Spring Semester

April to early August

Fall Semester

Late September to early February

Student Enrollment (2014)

Total: 30,193 students

28,446 Faculty, 756 Graduate, 26 Law School students and 965 Correspondence students

International Student Enrollment

337 Full-time (from 16 countries)

Exchange Students(2013)

35 Incoming, 217 Outgoing

Number of Full-Time Teaching Staff

680 Full-time members

Number of Office Staff

456 Full-time members

International Relationships

67 universities(23 Country), 1 Consortiam, 3 Organizations and 2 Cities.

Superior sports teams producing numerous professional athletes

Toyo University is home to superior sports teams, including marathon, baseball, sumo wrestling, ice hockey and speed skating teams, and has produced numerous professional athletes.

Tuition Fees

\1,165,000 to \1,565,000 (in the case of an undergraduate in the first year)


Central Library 941,826 books/ Asaka 252,811 books/ Kawagoe 195,311 books/ Itakura 66,912 books