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The 125th Anniversary

2012 - Toyo University's 125th Anniversary


Philosopher Enryo Inoue established Tetsugakukan when he was only 29 years old. Since then, Tetsugakukan has evolved into Toyo University, with 2012 marking its 125th anniversary.
As we approach this anniversary, I will seek to enrich the educational research of the university and provide support to the extracurricular activities of the students so that the students, their parents, and the graduates of Toyo University can be proud of their education.
Toyo University is a private university, whose mission is to cultivate human resources who can contribute toward the development of a sustainable global society as "Challengers with Philosophy on Living." To achieve this, the university teaches "Methods for seeing and thinking" based on the ideas of its founder. Through our educational research, we would like to be a university that is trusted and highly evaluated by society.
Currently, various projects have been established, including restructuring university education (5 restructuring projects), restructuring graduate schools, organizing and improving physical education and extracurricular sports activities, and organizing and improving the seminar house. In addition, we are further considering projects to promote operational restructuring, including various organizations, in order to improve services for students.
After celebrating our 125th anniversary, 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary of our affiliated Himeji High School, and 2014 will be the 50th anniversary for our affiliated Ushiku High School. With this in mind, we will actively promote activities for the planning and implementation of anniversary projects.
As the administrative director and graduate of Toyo University, I will do my utmost to further develop Toyo University as a demonstration of my gratitude.
Thank you for your attention and full support.

Five Projects

Toyo University, in celebration of its 125th anniversary, will implement five projects based on the ideas of its founder, Dr. Enryo Inoue, in order to pursue the further development of educational research.

  1. Development of scholarship programs
  2. Promotion of academic plans and improvement of educational research facilities
  3. Improvement in physical education and extracurricular sports activities
  4. The sharing and passing down of school spirit
  5. Provision of various educational opportunities



Designer: Yasuhide Sato (Chiba Prefecture) / Graduate of the Faculty of Economics in 1995

<Comments by the Designer>

The 125th anniversary! This is the steady course taken by Toyo University. The motif includes the “wings of a bird” ready to take flight and carry the many dreams that overflow from this path. Dark blue (navy), the traditional color of Toyo University, was also selected.

School Motto (Catch Phrase)

With so many good catch phrases submitted, it was extremely difficult to select a winner. However, the selection committee finally decided on the following school motto from among all the submissions.

Tradition of 125 years into the future