Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy//文学部哲学科

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Educational Objectives

Through the study of “philosophy”, which is the basis of all learning, you will be cultivated to reflect upon familiar issues from their essences, penetrate the coreof various problems, and prepare yourself for participating in the coming society.

The Outline

The department of philosophy,Toyo University, has always retained and promoted the ideal of “practice of philosophy” which is fundamental to our university, as the oldest department of philosophy among private universities in Japan, since the founding of “Shiritsu Tetsugakukan (The private school of philosophy)” in 1887.

In our department, you will learn a wide range of fields from ancient Greek philosophy to modern thought and think about various subjects deeply, in order to make inquiries into the possibilities of philosophy in the future, by taking over the intellectual heritage that philosophy has nurtured for 2,500 years and cultivating new perspectives on philosophy.

The class styles of the department of philosophy are divided into “lectures” and “seminars.”In “lectures,” students are expected to widen and deepen their understanding of philosophical knowledge.

In “seminars,” they are required to deal with original philosophical texts written in foreign languages and grasp the true message therein which cannot be obtained through translations, and by making active discussions based on such close readings, they will further be cultivated to consider anything.

Through these approaches, you will be expected not just to adapt yourself to the already well-established philosophical conceptual scheme, but to search always for something new by posing questions toward what is taken for granted in your ordinary life. As a result, you will actually aim at participating in the “practice” of philosophy which is what philosophy essentially should be, not solely getting knowledge of philosophy “on your desk”.