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Recommended Books in the Department of Media and Communications (AY 2009)//メディアコミュニケーション学科の推薦図書リスト(2009年度)

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Recommended Books

Utsukushii kodomo (A Beautiful Child) by Ira Ishida, Bungeishunju (2001), 476 yen + tax (Bunshun Bunko)

A nine-year-old girl is killed in a psychotic act by a first-year middle-school boy. The story is told from the perspectives of two persons, an older brother of the boy and a newspaper reporter. Students intending to engage in the media are recommended to read this book for the reporter’s perspective. The reporter struggles with the question of respecting human rights or fulfilling his duty as a reporter while he covers the case. You may face such an impasse your own future.

Eigakan to kankyaku no bunkashi (Cultural History of Movie Theaters and Audience) by Mikiro Kato, Chuokoron-Shinsha (2006), 860 yen + tax (Chuko Shinsho)

By focusing on theaters and audiences rather than movies themselves, this book presents a social and cultural history of movies. From this book, we can learn that people in the United Stated and Japan long ago saw movies quite differently than they do these days.

Gizen ekoroji (Hypocritical Ecology) by Kunihiko Takeda, Gentosha (2008), 740 yen + tax (Gentosha Shinsho)

Contrary to the opinions advocated on TV or in newspapers, this book alleges that recycling plastic bottles and used paper is not a good thing to do. Which opinion do you believe? This book provides an opportunity to think about how we should receive information from the media.

Guguru ga nihon wo hakaisuru (Google Will Destroy Japan) by Shoichi Takeuchi, PHP Institute (2008), 720 yen + tax (PHP Shinsho)

This book discusses the possibility that Google’s various services we use unintentionally on the Internet may cause serious effects to and change the basic structure of the existing media/information industry, such as TV, newspapers, advertisements, mobile phones and software.

Shakaigaku no meicho 30 (Thirty Great Books on Sociology) by Yo Takeuchi, Chikumashobo (2008), 740 yen + tax (Chikuma Shinsho)

This book is a commentary on classic sociology books. It explains these classic books based on the author’s own experience, making this book very easy to understand. Thirty books selected by the author as great books are organized by category. You may read only the categories you are interested in.

14 sai karano shakaigakuKorekara no shakai wo ikiru kimini (Sociology from the Age of 14For You, Who are Going to Live in Future Society) by Shinji Miyadai, Sekaibunka.com (2008), 1,300 yen + tax

The title states “from the age of 14,” but this book may be too difficult for middle-school children. Its content is so deep that university students are also recommended to read it. An individual and others, love and sex, work and a reason for living, and death―you can learn sociological ways of seeing things and thinking that are useful for studying the media.

Sekai wo yomitoku sugaku nyumonNichijo ni kakusareta “kazu” wo meguru boken (Introduction to Mathematics for Comprehending the World―Adventure with “Numbers” hidden in Daily Life) by Hiroyuki Kojima, Kadokawa Shoten (2008), 743 yen + tax (Kadokawa Sophia Bunko)

Describing various phenomena in numbers is a basic method used to comprehend the world. By using familiar specific examples, this book explains about the schemes, characteristics and computation methods of integers, fractions, irrationals and imaginaries, which most learned in their school days.

Finrando shiki shiko toreningu (Finland-style Thinking Training) edited by Masaya Morokuzu, PHP Institute (August 2008), 590 yen + tax (PHP Bunko)

To communicate and receive emotions, intentions and information among several people, those people need to clarify their opinions and communicate their opinions from the other person’s perspective. This book offers a basic training method to do so.


『うつくしい子ども』 石田衣良 文藝春秋、2001年、476円+税(文春文庫)

中学1年生の少年が9歳の女児を猟奇的に殺害した。この事件をめぐり、少年の兄と新聞記者の2人の観点から物語は進行します。マスコミ志望の皆さんは、もちろん、記者の立場でこの小説を読んで下さい。人権への配慮か? 報道の使命か? 迷いながら事件の取材にあたります。自分の将来が見えてくるかもしれません。

『映画館と観客の文化史』 加藤幹郎 中央公論新社、2006年、860円+税(中公新書)


『偽善エコロジー』 武田邦彦 幻冬舎、2008年、740円+税(幻冬舎新書)


『グーグルが日本を破壊する』 竹内正一 PHP研究所、2008年、720円+税(PHP新書)


『社会学の名著30』 竹内 洋 筑摩書房、2008年、740円+税(ちくま新書)


『14歳からの社会学~これからの社会を生きる君に』 宮台真司 世界文化社、2008年、1300円+税


『世界を読みとく数学入門~日常に隠された「数」をめぐる冒険』 小島寛之 角川書店、2008年、743円+税(角川ソフィア文庫)


『フィンランド式思考トレーニング』 諸葛正弥(もろくず・まさや)監修 PHP研究所、2008年8月、590円+税(PHP文庫)