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Recommended Books in the Department of Media and Communications (AY 2007)//メディアコミュニケーション学科の推薦図書リスト(2007年度)

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Recommended Books

Kuraimazu hai (Climber's High) by Hideo Yokoyama, Bungeishunju (2006), 629 yen (Bunshun Bunko)

This novel, inspired by a Japan Airlines plane crash in 1985, follows local press reporters as they strive to find the facts. It was also made into a TV show. It is not only enjoyable as a novel, but also well describes tense situations where journalists face conflict and pressure. The book is a must-read for students who want to become journalists.

Kokoro no johogaku (Information Science for Mind) by Toru Nishigaki, Chikumashobo (1999), 720 yen (Chikuma Shinsho)

In order to think deeply about the information society, it is important to focus on the idea of information itself, rather than computers, networks and other technology. Information science is a new field that views the world and society through information. This introduction to information science is based on new research achievements in the fields of philosophy, sociology, biology and engineering.

Daigaku de benkyo suru hoho―Shikago daigaku tekisuto (How to Study: Suggestions for High-School and College Students) by A. W. Kornhauser, revised by D. M. Enerson, translated by Eiichi Yamaguchi, Tamagawa University Press (1995), 971 yen

According to this book, there are two purposes of studying: To obtain orderly knowledge and to acquire the ability to do something. It has been guiding university freshmen in the United States since 1924. The Japanese translation is a little challenging, but the information herein is useful for those attending university in Japan.

Deta no wanaYoron wa koshite tsukurareru (Data Entrapment―How Public Opinions are Formed) by Shigeru Tamura, Shueisha (2006), 680 yen (Shueisha Shinsho)

We are surrounded by various data published by the mass media, such as cabinet approval rates, audience rates and the rankings of prefectures. How such data was obtained? How should we construe the results? This book helps its readers understand data tricks and perceive information appropriately.

Toshokan ni kike! (Ask a Library!) by Makoto Inoue, Chikumashobo (2004), 740 yen (Chikuma Shinsho)

Students are required to use libraries for study and research at university. This book is a practical “how-to” that explains, in an easy-to-understand manner, ways to get the most out of libraries for such purposes.

Nyumon! Ronrigaku (Introduction to Logic) by Shigeki Noya, Chuokoron-Shinsha (2006), 740 yen (Chuko Shinsho)

Students are required to think logically, discuss logically and write logically when studying at university. The world of computers also consists of logics. This book carefully explains in plain language about this logic, which has a slightly different meaning from the one that we use in daily life.

Media shakaiGendai wo yomitoku shiten (Media Society―How to comprehend modern society) by Takumi Sato, Iwanami Shoten (2006), 740 yen (Iwanami Shinsho)

This book suggests how we should understand and treat the current situation of the media in a developing information society with rapidly growing IT. Through analyses of various news and social phenomena, such as the Koizumi administration and the livedoor scandal, it makes pointed remarks on the media and modern society.


『クライマーズ・ハイ』 横山秀夫 文藝春秋、2006年、629円(文春文庫)


『こころの情報学』 西垣通 筑摩書房、1999年、720円(ちくま新書)


『大学で勉強する方法―シカゴ大学テキスト 』 A. W. コーンハウザー著 D.M. エナーソン改訂 山口栄一訳 玉川大学出版部、1995年、971円


『データの罠~世論はこうしてつくられる』 田村秀 集英社、2006年、680円(集英社新書)


『図書館に訊け!』 井上真琴、筑摩書房、2004年、740円(ちくま新書)


『入門!論理学』 野矢茂樹 中央公論新社、2006年、740円(中公新書)


『メディア社会~現代を読み解く視点』 佐藤卓己 岩波書店、2006年、740円(岩波新書)