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  5. List of Books Recommended by the Department of Media and Communications (AY 2016)//メディアコミュニケーション学科の推薦図書リスト(2016年度)

List of Books Recommended by the Department of Media and Communications (AY 2016)//メディアコミュニケーション学科の推薦図書リスト(2016年度)

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List of Recommended Books

For Students Enrolled in AY 2016

To the students enrolled in the Department of Media and Communications, we present this list (compiled in order of the Japanese syllabary) of five books recommended for beginners in Media and Communication. Full-time instructors at the Department have selected them from among relatively new publications. Some of the books could be somewhat of a challenge, but please try reading some of them as a warm-up exercise to help prepare you for your new studies in Media and Communication.

Previous lists of recommended books are accessible through the Department’s website. If you wish to do more recommended reading, please refer to these previous lists.

(1) Tekkaba (The Tekkaba Gambling Dens)

 テッカ場Author: Toro Kitao
 Publisher: Kodansha (Kodansha Bunko)
 Publication year: 2010
 Price: ¥419 + tax
 ISBN: 978-4062767491


This book consists of reportage on environments in which most people would find themselves unable to suppress their darkest and mostly deeply hidden desires. Specifically, the book introduces 10 tekkaba gambling dens, where everything from racehorses to railroad parts to real estate is put up for auction and photography events of Internet “idols” are held. Readers are sure to be struck by the contents, but it is the skills of this professional writer in compiling his investigatory work, along with his unerring depictions of the state of affairs and atmosphere of each setting, that really draws you in. Students who wish to become writers should aim for this level of composition!

(2) Post Shihon Shugi: Kagaku Ningen Shakai no Mirai (Post-capitalism: the Future of Science, People, and Society

 ポスト資本主義Author: Yoshinori Hiroi
 Publisher: Iwanami Shoten (Iwanami Shinsho)
 Publication year: 2015
 Price: ¥800 + tax
 ISBN: 978-4004315506


The course along which modern science and capitalism have pursued expansion and growth is approaching its limits. From the perspective of the history of science, the author discusses suggestions for a new worldview and social system for the creation of a sustainable future society.

(3) Manga Henshusha (Manga Comic Book Editors)

 漫画編集者Author: Shunsuke Kimura
 Publisher: Film Art Inc.
 Publication year: 2015
 Price: ¥1800 + tax
 ISBN: 978-4845914463


A manga comic book is not created by the artist alone. This book is about the issues that manga editors consider and what their tasks are during the process of creating entertaining manga. The author conducted in-depth interviews with five manga editors and vividly weaves together their frank opinions for a great read.

(4) Yoronchosa to wa Nandaro ka (What are Opinion Polls?)

 世論調査とは何だろうかAuthor: Hiroshi Iwamoto
 Publisher: Iwanami Shoten (Iwanami Shinsho)
 Publication year: 2015
 Price: ¥800 + tax
 ISBN: 978-4004315469


Do you fully trust the poll numbers as they are announced in newspapers or on television? As a matter of fact, opinion polls contain many problems and discrepancies. For example, why is it that Cabinet support rates differ considerably from one newspaper to the next when the polls were taken at around the same time? The author, who is in charge of conducting opinion polls at NHK, introduces us to a reality heretofore unknown.

(5) Yowai Tsunagari: Kensaku Wādo o Sagasu Tabi (Weak Ties: a Journey in Quest of Search Terms)

 弱いつながりAuthor: Hiroki Azuma
 Publisher: Gentosha Inc.
 Publication year: 2014
 Price: ¥1300 + tax
 ISBN: 978-4344026070


While the themes discussed—the Internet and journeys—allow for very easy reading, the book also offers deep insights into contemporary society and describes problems underlying it. The title comes from a famous sociological theory, “The Strength of Weak Ties.” Readers who find this book interesting might also enjoy another book by this author, Ippan Ishi 2.0: Ruso, Freud, Google (General Will 2.0: Rousseau, Freud, Google).




① テッカ場





② ポスト資本主義:科学・人間・社会の未来




③ 漫画編集者

漫画編集者 著者名:木村俊介



④ 世論調査とは何だろうか

世論調査とは何だろうか 著者名:岩本裕



⑤ 弱いつながり:検索ワードを探す旅

弱いつながり 著者名:東浩紀