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(ポール ダッフィル)

Assistant Professor (Department of Global Innovation Studies)


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-Research Field-

Intercultural Communication, Higher Education Social Justice Pedagogy, Higher Education Active Learning, Peace and Conflict Studies, Human Rights

- Subjects -

-Leadership Training Program Ⅰ2: Addresses domestic community issues through horizontal leadership skills and active learning. Students will participate in a simulated workshop focused on these issues and skills.
-Leadership Training Program Ⅱ(both 1 and 2, same syllabus): Focused on domestic community issues including those with a significant identity component through horizontal collaboration, joint problem solving and active learning. Students will carry out volunteer service learning at organisations in Japan.
-Global Issues Innovation Practicum Ⅰ: Primarily focused on global issues including inter-group social justice issues through active learning. Students will participate in a simulated workshop on these issues.
-Service Learning Practicum Ⅰ: Addresses global issues through horizontal leadership, participatory methods in international interventions and active learning. Students will participate in volunteer service learning on international issues.
-Special English Study Ⅱ(focused on listening skills), Special English Study Ⅲ(focused on speaking skills), and Special English Study Ⅳ(focused on writing skills)





- Message to Students -

I am very excited to be working at Toyo University's Department of Global Innovation Studies (GINOS) and helping coordinate GINOS Studio! This is an exciting and innovative department which looks at how to address critical global issues we face through active learning, collaboration and evidence-based approaches. We look forward to welcoming new students at GINOS! Please come to GINOS Studio and say hello!

- Brief History -

Paul grew up in Hamilton, New Zealand and his experience in community leadership and peacebuilding began as a teenager through practicing Aikido, founding and running an improvisional theatre association for youth, and being a member of the Hamilton City Student Youth Council. In 2003 he graduated from the University of Otago with bachelors' degrees in science (majoring in psychology) and arts (majoring in history). During his time at the University of Otago he also designed and ran research investigating  Tai Chi in the scientific laboratory, and was invited to be Student President of University College, the University of Otago’s largest hall of residence. In 2004 he was accepted as a participant on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program as an Assistant English Teacher and moved to Hokkaido, Japan. During this time he served as President of the Hokkaido JET program association and was invited to present on intercultural communication and peacebuilding training for teachers at prefectural and national JET program conferences in Japan. In 2007 he moved to Australia and in 2013 graduated from the advanced masters' course (Master of Letters) at the University of Sydney's Department of Peace and Conflict Studies. From 2009 to 2016 he also developed course curriculum, lectured, and tutored at the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies and in other departments at the University of Sydney in peacebuilding, peace and conflict studies, intercultural communication, and media studies. In 2016 he moved to Japan where he has been invited to present guest lectures on peace and conflict studies at several universities throughout Japan and in March 2017 was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Toyo University's new Department of Global Innovation Studies (GINOS).