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BNERC: Bio-Nano Academia-Industry Collaborative Seminar

Bio-Nano Academia-Industry Collaborative Seminar
supported by a MEXT fund

The Bio-Nano Academia-Industry Collaborative Seminar was held at the Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre Annex: Beta, Toyo University, on 25th February 2015.

This special seminar was organised by the Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre and co-organised by Saitama Medical University and Shimadzu Corporation as part of the Promotion Programme for Private Universities supported by MEXT.

More than 40 researchers and students participated in the seminar, where the development of state-of-the-art equipment and devices, and the results of nano biomedical research were presented by advanced researchers. Finally, all the participants discussed future collaboration on the development of research and educational programmes on nano biomedical studies.

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  The 2nd Medical Engineering Collaborative Seminar:
  Seminar on Near Infrared Optical Imagingand Electron Probe Micro Analysisfor Medicine (click here for the PDF poster)

  Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre, Toyo University

  Shimadzu Corporation
  Saitama Medical University

  Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre Annex: Beta,
  Kawagoe Campus, Toyo University

Chair: Dr. Takashi Uchida
  14:00 - 14:10          Opening Address
                                    Prof. Toru Maekawa
                                    Director, Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre (BNERC), Toyo Univ.
  14:10 - 14:40          In-vivo imaging technique
                                    Mr. Tsukasa Takeuchi
                                    Shimadzu Corp.
  14:40 - 15:10          NIR-active nanoparticle synthesis
                                    Dr. Aby C Poulose
                                    BNERC, Toyo Univ.
  15:10 - 15:40          In-vivo theragnostics
                                    Dr. Srivani Veeranarayanan
                                    BNERC, Toyo Univ.
  15:50 - 16:35          Introduction to electron probe micro analysis and application to medicine
                                    Mr. Takeshi Miyamoto
                                    Shimadzu Corp.
  16:35 - 16:50          Closing remarks
                                    Prof. Tatsuro Hanajiri
                                    BNERC, Toyo Univ.

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