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  3. BNERC: BNERC exhibited its latest results at “BioJapan 2016”

BNERC: BNERC exhibited its latest results at “BioJapan 2016”

BNERC exhibited its latest results at “BioJapan 2016”

“BioJapan 2016” was held from 12th to 14th October 2016 at “PACIFICO Yokohama”. The Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre presented its latest research results at “Booth: A-55”. The Director of the Centre and the Head andOfficers of the Research Promotion Office discussed future tactics for commercialisation of the outcome of the fundamental research carried out at the Centre with three overseas companies.

A-55: Nano robotics: its application to biomedical studies

Nano robots composed of nanostructures such as carbon nano materials and magnetic nanoparticles are developed. The surface of the nanostructures is modified with various molecules so that functional hybrid nano robots are created. The nano robots are manipulated by a combination of dc gradient, ac and rotational magnetic fields. Finally, the nano robots are actively utilised in the field of nano biomedicine; e.g., nano bio-imaging, nano surgery, nano hyperthermia and nano drug delivery.

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