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The Outline for the Center for Academic Research Promotion 学術研究推進センターの概要

Center for Academic Research Promotion

In order to further promote academic researches at Toyo University, the Center for Academic Research Promotion will conduct activities shown below. Through those activities, the Center is aiming to make Toyo University establish the status as a university with excellent abilities to research and internationally high-level research bases.  

1. Formulating a medium- and long-term plan for enhancing the abilities to research and conducting more advanced researches.

2. Promoting interdisciplinary, unique and advanced research projects on which Toyo University put emphasis, and selecting research projects for which large scale subsidies will be applied for.

3. Introducing external grants including Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, and promoting cooperation with external research institutes.

4. Promoting researches commissioned by and joint researches with the national government, local public entities, and industries through cooperation among industry government, and academia.

5. Establishing a grant policy concerning internal research aid projects.

6. Considering and facilitate establishment, inspection and evaluation, and reorganization and abolition of research organizations.

7. Enhancing cooperation with overseas research institutes, and promoting world-wide research activities.

8. Collecting external information on promotion of research activities, and disseminating achievements of research activities and others inside and outside the university.

9. Aggregating and organizing achievements of research activities and others (maintenance and management of database, etc.)

10. Promoting development of young researchers who will lead the next generation in collaboration with education of graduate schools.

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1. 研究力強化及び研究高度化のための中長期計画の策定

2. 複数の研究分野を横断する個性的で先端的な本学として重点を置く研究プロジェクトの企画推進及び大型補助金等へ申請する研究プロジェクトの選定

3. 科学研究費助成事業(科研費)をはじめとする学外研究費の導入及び学外研究機関等との連携推進

4. 産官学連携活動を通じた、国及び地方公共団体並びに産業界との受託研究・共同研究等の推進

5. 学内研究助成事業の助成方針の策定

6. 研究機関の設置、点検評価、改廃の検討及び活性化

7. 海外の研究機関等との連携強化及び研究活動の国際化推進

8. 研究活動の推進に関する外部情報の収集、研究活動の成果等の学内外への広報

9. 研究活動の成果等の集積整理(データベースの維持管理等)

10. 大学院教育との連携による次代を担う若手研究者の育成の推進 

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