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[For Alumni] Notification of PIA after5club Service Termination 【卒業生向け】ぴあアフター5クラブ サービス終了のお知らせ

[For Alumni] “PIA after5club” Service Termination

To: Toyo University Alumni

Toyo University Office for Collaboration with Stakeholders
Section for Collaboration with Alumni and Parents’ Association


The university had been offering PIA after5club service since March 2017 to the university’s alumni to enhance the appeal of the university. However, the service provider PIA Corporation has informed us that all services of after5club will be terminated as of the end of June 2018.

We understand this will be a disappointment for many of those who have used or registered for the service, and we hope you will understand this unfortunate development is out of our control.

We are now actively exploring ways to introduce a substitute service or a new service. We will announce our decision at a later date on our website, etc.

For information related to the service desk and deadline for application of tickets, please see [Important] Notification of “after5club” service termination (dated April 16, 2018) posted on the top page after you log into the “PIA after5club” website. 


PIA after5club login page↓

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東洋大学卒業生 各位

東洋大学 社会連携推進室


 標記のことにつきまして、 平成29年3月より大学の魅力作りの一環として卒業生の皆様を対象にサービスを開設していたところですが、このたびサービスの提供業者である「ぴあ株式会社」より、平成30年6月末日をもって全サービスを停止する旨通知がありました。




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