Guidebook for Hosuikai Members 甫水会 会員のしおり

AY 2018 version of the “Guidebook for Hosuikai Members”

This guidebook introduces guardians of the new students to the activities conducted by Hosuikai.平成30年度 甫水会会員のしおり表紙

Contents of the “Guidebook for Hosuikai Members”

 - Dear Newly Enrolled Students
 - Purpose of Establishing Hosuikai
 - Hosuikai Membership
 - Structure of Hosuikai Head Office and its Organization Chart
 - Social Activities Conducted at the Head Office
 - Social Activities Conducted at Branch Offices
 - Hosuikai Membership Fees
 - Toyo University Hosuikai Constitution
 - Toyo University Hosuikai Regulations on Scholarship Students
 - Hosuikai Regulations on Extending Financial Aid to Support Events Hosted by its Branch Offices
 - Toyo University Hosuikai Regulations on Condolence Money
 - Toyo University Hosuikai Criteria for Personal Information Protection
 - Information on the Comprehensive Compensation System for Students
 - Campus Guides
 - AY 2016 Status Report on Activities Conducted by Athletic Clubs on High-level Training Programs
 - AY 2016 Status Report on Activities Conducted by Student Clubs and Organizations
 - Toyo University Hotline for Parents

 (Publication date: December 21, 2016, compiled & published by Toyo University Hosuikai)

AY2018 Guidebook for Hosuikai Members [PDFファイル/6.21MB]

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平成30年度版 『甫水会 会員のしおり』

新入生の保護者のみなさまを対象に甫水会活動についての紹介しております。平成30年度 会員のしおり表紙

 『甫水会 会員のしおり』目次

・東洋大学甫水会  会則
・東洋大学甫水会  奨学生規程
・東洋大学甫水会 弔慰金に関する規程
・東洋大学甫水会 個人情報の保護に関する取扱基準
・平成30年度 体育会強化部の活動予定
・東洋大学父母ホットライン 甫水会からのお願い

     (発行日:平成29年12月21日  編集・発行:東洋大学甫水会) 

平成30年度 甫水会会員のしおり [PDFファイル/6.21MB]

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