Scholarships for International Students

Toyo University Scholarships for International Students

A. Scholarships

English-Taught Undergraduate Programs with Scholarships

Toyo university is to offer English-taught undergraduate programs with scholarship starting from 2017 April entrance. For more information, please click here.

Note: Applicants residing outside of Japan are eligible.

1.Open Scholarships
Name of Scholarship
Toyo University Category 1 Scholarship Masajuro Shiokawa Scholarship
Amount One-time 300,000 yen 100,000 yen/month
Award Period 1 year 1 year
Target 2nd-4th Year Undergraduates 2nd Year Undergraduates and above and Graduate students
Selection Process Selected on excellence in academic records and character Selected from foremost academic records and character, in good health, and intends to contribute to their home country after graduation
Selection Period Around July Around April
No. of Awardees (in 2017) 16 students 8 students
2.Appliable Scholarships
Name of Scholarship Toyo University Graduate Scholarship (Category 1)
Amount One-time 300,000 yen
Award Period 1 year
Target Excellence in academic records and character
Selection Process Application Screening
Application Period Around April
Selection Period Around July
No. of Awardees (in 2017) 86students
3. Toyo University Social Contributor Award

This scholarship aims to reward the efforts of students who make remarkable social contributions in various social fields and to promote further educational activities using the actual abilities gained.

For more information, please visit bulletin board of Student Affairs Office.

Other Scholarships

Japanese Government, public and private institutions offer scholarships for international students in pursuing their study in Japanese universties. For details, please visit Student Affairs office.

B. Tuition Reduction

University tuition fees are partially reduced for international students to encourage learning and reduce financial burdens for everyday living. Those who receive this tuition exemption should strive for the pursuit of knowledge. Also, these students must submit a report of the scholastic performance in January of the final academic year. After graduating, keep connections with Toyo University and support us in creating an international network.

If for any reason a student receiving a partial exemption in tuition fees loses his/her eligibility, the amount which was exempted must be repaid. For details, please refer to the Student Support Section.

Exemption 30% of total tuition fees
Procedures New Student
Admitted Student
Returning Student
○Full Payment
Pay the full tuition amount. Exemptions will be deposited back into your designated bank account in two payments: one in the spring term (August) and one in the autumn term (January).
○Split Payments
Pay the full tuition amount for the first term. Tuition exemptions will be refunded. From the second term and on, pay the tuition after subtracting exemptions.
Existing Student The student pays the tuition after subtracting any exemptions.
  1. 1. Must be in school with the status of residence "College Student" on May 1 of the spring semester or October 31 of autumn semester.
    2. The student who has difficulty with study for an economic reason.
    3. The student who submitted a tuition reduction of taxes application.
    4. Documents such as Resident Card (the one on which the resident information is written down) and International Student Card (University printed) must be submitted by the designated deadline.
    5. Must not have poor academic performance (see scholastic performance standard), cheated during exams, nor have received disciplinary measures according to school regulations.

    Period Exemption periods shall be limited to the designated length of the course of study.


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