Alien Registration

1.New Registration (For first time registration)

Go to the municipal office where you reside to register in order to stay in Japan.
Non-Japanese nationals that plan to stay in Japan for more than 90 days must undergo "Alien Registration". Following registration, a "certificate of alien registration" (card) will be issued, allowing you to receive government services that can help with daily life. For details, check with the municipal office where you reside. Carry the "certificate of alien registration" with you at all times.

Register at municipal office
(within 90 days of entry)

Get certificate at municipal office
(about 3 weeks later)

Submit to Educational Affairs Office at University
(within 14 days)

Period Within 90 days of entry
Applicant Actual person
Location Municipal office in where you live (residential area)
Required Documents
  • Alien Registration Application (forms available at municipal office)
  • Passport
  • 2 Profile Pictures ( 4.5cm x 3.5cm, taken within 6 months)
Processing Period 3 weeks after application※The pick up period is printed on the "Scheduled Period for Pick Up Form" handed out at time of application.
Pick Up Applicant brings the "Scheduled Period for Pick Up Form" to the application location to pick up certificate

Don't Forget to Submit a Copy to Your Educational Affairs Office at Toyo University!

Submit your "Certificate of Alien Registration (double-sided copy)" and "Certificate of Registered Matters (original)" to your Educational Affairs Office in the case there are changes or renewal (transfer) to the details of your alien registration certificate.

Details on Certificate of Alien Registration

foreign resident' registration card

(1) Name
(2) Period of Stay
(3) Landing (entry to Japan)
(4) Renew within 30 days starting from

2.Applying for a Renewal (Transfer) for the Certificate of Alien Registration

When the "Renew Date" ((4) in the above figure) written on your certificate of alien registration comes up, go to the municipal office you are registered under to apply for a renewal for your certificate of alien registration (This process is called "transfer"). A new certificate of alien registration will be issued.
Inquire directly to your municipal office if you cannot complete the process within the period stated.

Required Documents

  1. Certificate of Alien Registration
  2. Passport
  3. 2 Pictures

3.Certificate of Registered Matters

If at any time after the "International Student Orientation" there are changes to your certificate of alien registration, submit a "Certificate of Registered Matters (original)" to the Education Affairs Office.
The certificate of registered matters is issued at the municipal office that handles alien registration.

4.Returning Your Certificate of Alien Registration (When Leaving Japan after Graduation)

When leaving Japan after graduation to go home or continue studies in another country, return your certificate of alien registration to the immigrations officer at the airport.

※If temporarily leaving Japan for travel or other purposes, you are not required to return your card. You will be asked to show your passport with a re-entry permit obtained beforehand and certificate of alien registration, so be sure to have it with you. If you do not have your certificate of alien registration, you will be in "violation of duty to carry certificate of alien registration" and may be booked for investigation.

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