Job Search Flow

There may be students amongst you that wish to seek employment with a Japanese firm. However, there may be many of you who do not know what to do specifically in terms of job searching. If you start your job searching activities without a clear understanding of the market, you may not attain the results you desire. First, you should understand the flow of recruiting in Japan by proactively attending job search support activities held at the university. If there is something that is unclear, consult the job search counseling office. Also, it is important you have a clear reason of why you seek employment in Japan. Sit down and think about why do you want to work, what type of work do you wish to be involved in, and what kind of future do you see for yourself.

Recruitment schedules for each company differ, but generally job searches begin from December of your 3rd undergraduate year in Japan. For this reason, many business focus on hiring during this period, so be sure not to miss this opportunity.

※For details, check the "Job Search Guidebook BE" handed out at your campus job search counseling office.

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