Why Toyo University?


Dr.Enryo Inoue

Among the many comprehensive private universities in Tokyo, Toyo University stands out in a class by itself. Boasting more than 130 years of academic distinction, we are famous in Japan for our excellence in education and research, which is carried out in 46 academic sections housed in 13 faculties across 5 campuses, and for our outstanding achievements in sports, such as sumo wrestling, baseball and soccer. Bunkyo City, site of Hakusan Campus and the Japanese language program for exchange students, is highly regarded among locals for its many academic institutions and popular urban traditions.

Hakusan Main Campus

Experience of penmanship

With 13 faculties, comprised of 46 departments spread across five main campuses and one satellite campus, Toyo University satisfies the diverse curiosities and eagerness to learn of its students, by providing high-quality classes over a wide range of fields. The University is actively involved in improving the skills of the faculty in order to enhance education. In addition, Toyo University has 13 graduate schools and comprised of a total of 35 Courses.

Dressing of a kimono

The graduation ceremony

Among the numerous education and research institutions in Bunkyo City, few rival the quiet learning environment of Toyo's Hakusan Campus surrounded by residential homes and shrines, including the adjacent Hakusan Shrine (To the Japanese page). On the other hand, the campus is only a 15-minute train ride away from some of Tokyo's most dynamic districts, such as Ikebukuro, famous for its international art and culture; Jimbocho, renowned for its used books stores and antique art shops, and Akihabara, known around the world for its electronics and popular culture. The beautiful Confucian garden Koishikawa Korakuen (To the Japanese page) and Tokyo Dome City, which attracts more than 30 million visitors a year to its indoor stadium, amusement park and luxury hotel, are also within walking distances.

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