Toyo Global Leader (TGL) Camp 【TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS】Toyo Global Leader(TGL)キャンプ

Toyo Global Leader (TGL) Camp

TGL Camp is a global active learning event, held several times a year. Its subjects vary, with topics including “If the World were a Village of 100 People” for freshmen, an “Overseas Sales Strategy Planning Workshop” for job-searching activity, and “The Trading Game,” which allowed students to learn about economic globalization in game-like format. In the fall semester of AY 2018, events are scheduled to be held in English.

Participation in TGL Camp is essential to achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze rank in the TGL Program. Please take this opportunity to participate in the camp.

TGL Camp Schedule:

◆  Please check the schedule of TGL Camp on URL below.


Past Event Themes:

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Toyo Global Leader (TGL) キャンプ



TGLキャンプ 開催予定

◆ 現在開催予定はございません。2019年度の開催予定につきましては、後日ご案内いたします。 



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