Seminar House

Toyo University has several countryside facilities called "seminar houses" provided for students and staffs for intensive sports/ education training by clubs and individual groups. Applications are available on Toyo Net-G.(

Fujimi Kogen Seminar House

Fujimi-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano
Accommodation capacity: 70 people

For details, go to the Fujimi Kogen Seminar House page.

Kamogawa Seminar House

Maebara, Kamogawa-shi, Chiba
Accommodation capacity: 116 people

For details, go to the Kamogawa Seminar House page.

Kawaguchiko Seminar House

Kawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
Accommodation capacity: 90 people

For details, go to the Kawaguchiko Seminar House page.




Breakfast: 520 yen       Lunch: 520 yen            Dinner: 930 yen (Barbecue:+520 yen ※ Fujimi-kogen only)

Accommodation (per night)

1,140 yen (for students and staff including part-time staff)
3,710 yen (for non-registered students, research students, families of staff, alumni, and others)

Room Usage Fee (without overnight stay)

1,140 yen

* Meals will be available from dinner on the date of arrival until breakfast on the date of departure.

* Cancellation/change of booking will incur a cancellation fee.

Booking Requests for Seminar Houses

Bookings for seminar houses will open on the first day of each month for use in the following month.
(If the office is closed on the first day of the month, the University will accept booking requests from the next business day of the office.)

Bookings may be made via ToyoNet-G (Links → Seminar House Booking). If you are unable to use ToyoNet-G (external students, non-registered students, research students, families of staff, and others), please contact the Student Support Section or Section for Collaboration with Alumni and Parents’ Association if you are a graduate of the University.

To use "seminar houses"during long university holidays, please refer to the followings.

Using Seminar Houses during Long University Holidays 

As we often receive many booking requests during long university holidays, we may hold a draw to accept the request. For details on draws, we will post information at the Student Support Section or ToyoNet-G.

Booking Manual for Seminar House

A booking manual is available on ToyoNet-G (References→ Manuals → Seminar House Booking Manual). Please make sure you make a booking correctly following the instructions in the manual.

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