Faculty Members of Course of Regional Development Studies

Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Regional Development

Professor Ikuko Okamoto (Doctor (Area Studies)、Kyoto University) 【MD】
okamoto Agricultural and rural development, resource management, Myanmar area studies

My major field of research is the agricultural and rural development of developing countries, especially in Myanmar. In my courses, the emphasis will be placed on understanding on the mechanism of rural economy, while identifying prescriptions for improving the livelihood of rural people on empirical basis.

E-Mail okamoto025[at]
Professor Kazuo Takahashi (Master of Political Science, Gakushuin University)   【MD】
Professor Kazuo Takahashi Urban and Regional Sociology, Visual Sociology
Sociological research on community development in Asian mega-cities has conducted in the fields of the urban poor communities focusing on the structure of community and the community networks. And also, “visual sociology” using visual representation has been constructing as methodology of sociological research. In the class these topics and theory are discussed.
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Regional Planning/ Environmental Management

Professor Toshiya Aramaki (Doctor of Engineering, University of Tokyo)  【MD】
Professor Toshiya Aramaki Urban and Global Environmental Management, Environmental Systems Analysis
My research area is environmental planning and mangement, which includes water and wastewater management, solid waste management, mitigation and adaptation of global environmental issues, environmental performance evaluvation, etc.
E-Mail aramaki[at]
Professor An Sang Kyung (Master of Science, Asian Institute of Technology)  【MD】
Professor Koichi Sakamoto Urban Development
This course is designed to provide an introduction to some of key issues surrounding the challenges of urban planning and development the 21st century and a deeper understanding of the urban planning process and new planning approaches in a global context.
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Professor Toshiyuki Okamura (Doctor of Engineering, University of Tokyo)  【MD】
岡村先生 Urban transport planning and policy, Public transport planning and operation, Transport engineering, Urban and Regional Planning
Experiences of infrastructure development and management both in developed and developing countries are examined in my course. Case studies in transport and urban sectors are discussed in the context of
sustainable development. Deep understanding and insight of people’s trip behavior, preferences and intentions is the key for planning urban transportation. I strongly request students to brush up a sense
of planners and engineers as well as learning specific knowledge and methodologies.
E-Mail okamura[at]
Professor Hidetoshi Kitawaki (Doctor of Engineering, University of Tokyo)  【MD】
Professor Hidetoshi Kitawaki Dean Appropriate Water Supply and Sanitation in Developing Countries
Comprehensive discussion is made on health related problems, hygiene practices and appropriate technology for water supply and sanitation (Ws/S). Planning methodology for Ws/S development projects is also discussed.
E-Mail kitawaki[at]
Professor Ryo Matsumaru (Doctor of Engineering, Yokohama National University)  【MD】
matsumaru Disaster Management
As both natural and manmade disasters hinder the development process, “Disaster Management” is one of main issues for development in developing countries. To provide practical solution for minimizing the damages of disasters, various and combined approaches from engineering to social science and policy planning to community development will be applied in my research.
E-Mail matsumaru[at]
Associate Professor Norihisa Shima (Doctor of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)  【MD】
shima Urban and regional planning, “machizukuri”
How can we address the challenge of urbanization? Rapidly urbanization of most Asian, African and Latin American cities imposes complex issues on us all, yet conventional urban and regional planning seldom works to show the solution. Though field surveys recently in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Zambia and Senegal as well as theoretical reviews, I am trying to answer the question.
E-Mail n-shima[at]

Regional Policy

Professor Chieko Nakabasami (Ph.D., Saitama University)  【MD】
中挾先生 Multilingual Communication, Social Network Analysis, Regional Information Management
My research field is informatics on multilingual communication based on sociolinguistic perspective. I focus on multi-language societies of Francophone countries, e.g. France, North Africa.
E-Mail chiekon[at]
Professor Chino Yabunaga (M.A. in Social Sciences, Waseda University)  【MD】
yabunaga Social Policy, Comparative Welfare State
Social welfare issues are my main research themes which I try to examine from the perspective of social sciences and policy analysis. Cross-national comparison of welfare states is also my area of concern. I often conduct fieldwork in Nordic countries.
E-Mail yabunaga[at]
Professor Noritsugu Fujimoto (Ph.D in Economics , Kyushu University)  【MD】
藤本先生 Economic Geography, Urban Geography, Urban System 
My lecture and seminar focus on urban and economic geography, paying attention on a range of issues relating to global and national urban system, office location theory,  city economies and national land structure.
E-Mail fujimoto012[at]
Professor Namiko Numao (Master of Economics, Keio University) 【MD】
沼尾先生 Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, Local Public Finance
My research field is local public finance, which includes local public policy, local taxaion, and fiscal relationship between central and local governments in Japan.
Professor Yoshito Yamazaki (Ph.D.,  Waseda University)  【MD】
山崎先生 Community Design & Planning, “Machizukuri”
In Japan which the population and the birthrate decline, how will it be possible for local communities to raise the continuity without declining? I’m studying the theme.
E-Mail yamazaki002[at]
Associate Professor Akiko Nakajima  (Ph.D., Waseda University) 【MD】
nakajima Comparative Politics, Eu Area Studies
My main research theme is welfare politics in Europe, focusing on Spain and other Southern European states. Within that research area, I deal with such subjects as party politics, relationship between the center and the regions, the third sector, migration or the European Union politics.
E-Mail nakajima[at]
Associate Professor Yusuke Sasaki (Ph.D in Comparative Literature and Culture, The University of Tokyo)  【-】
佐々木先生 Photography, Comparative Cultural Studies
Comparative studies in cross-media (e.g. photography, text, film, music …) and cross-cultural (esp. French-speaking and English-speaking areas) perspectives.
Professor Yoshimitsu Nishikawa (Doctor of Laws )  【MD】
  Politics, International relations
Associate Professor Kyoko Nakamura (Doctor od Area Studies)  【MD】
  Cultural anthropology, Folklore 
Visiting Professor Khan Shahed (Ph.D)  【-】

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