10. INIAD Extra-curricular Activity Groups(Circles)

10-1. Circle List

10-2. Establish a New Circle

10-2-1. About the Circle Activities at INIAD
10-2-2. Application Documents

10-1. Circle List

Name of the Circle Activities of the Circle Photos
CG Production Circle
・Digital art product creating by using CG.
・Create a short film, Live action and VFX.

English Communication Circle
The purpose of ECC(English Communication Circle) is to interact with international students. We enjoy cultural games from various countries in English.
To know the charm of Japan, we will sometimes visit famous spots together.

INIAD Developers

・Activities:Create and design useful
  programs for INIAD.
・Activity Location: Circle Room 2
・Comment:We create useful programs to
  help INIAD student's lives. Let’s enjoy
  programing together!


Python and Machine Gun

Our main activity location is Akabanedai Campus, Toyo University.
We visit Survival Game Field(Near Ikebukuro) and enjoy the battle once a month.

At the 2017 school festival, we displayed our survival game equipments and by using NERF, we held a "Shateki" (Target practice).
Many visitors enjoyed with us on this day!

To organize a Cutting-edge Survival Game is one of our main goals!
Beginners are welcome to our circle. We have many students who started this after entering INIAD.

If you are an experienced survival gamer, maybe you can share your skills with beginners.

Why don't you enjoy new survival games with us?

 Twitter: @INIAD_pam

Movie Appreciation Team

・Activities: Watching movies and talk about it
・Activity Locations: Class Room or INIAD Hall
・Activity Days: To be discussed by members


・Activities: Playing musical instruments
・Activity locations: Studio which is located near Akabanedai Campus
・Activity days: Wednesday or Sunday
・Comment: If you have any kinds of musical instruments, please join us !

  Twitter : 器楽演奏楽団 Melange(@INIAD_melange)
Birthing Tune Liaison

Akabanedai Campus Light Sound Circle BTL!
Now we have approximately 30 members in our circle.
All members are enjoying their music style.

There are many beginners in our circle but no need to worry.
Experienced members will kindly teach you and support you!
Please feel free to visit us!

・Regular Live Performance
・Region Exchange Live Performance
・School Festival Live Performance
・Courses for Beginner's and Events



INIAD Minecraft

・Our goal is to create Minecraft Works.
・We are creating works in multiplay server.

Twitter: @MinecraftINIAD

TRPG Circle
 “Star-Spawn of Cthulhu”
・Activities: Playing TRPG (main : CoC)
・Activity locations: Club Room No.5 (2410)
・Activity days: If you want to play TRPG, it’s the best day to start!
・ Comment: Feel free to contact us!

  Twitter: @INAD_TRPG 
Toyo University Kin-ball Circle
We enjoy a game called ‘Kin-ball’.
Members are students from Toyo University, but students from other university are welcome too.
Kin-ball is a sport that is played by three teams of four people, using a huge ball that is over one meter.
Kin-ball can be played by men and women of all ages,
and is a very casual game, not requiring very difficult and high skills.
It’s easy for beginners, and we have experienced members who can teach.

(INIAD Game Seisaku Circle)

We create PC games by exercising our programing skills.
Even if you are not very good at programming, don’t worry, we will kindly teach you how to do !



Red Wing
In our circle, we use a tennis court near Akabanedai campus and we are enjoying our activities.
The activity date would be mainly on Wednesdays, we discuss in the circle and might change it on other days as well.
We mainly do hard tennis but we also do soft tennis as well.
Beginners are welcome to join!

・Activities: Basketball
・Activities Location: General Sport Center
・Activity Days: Every Wednesday and Sundays
・Comment: Most of the members are bigginers. Experienced players are welcome too!

・Activities : Volleyball
・Activity Locations : Kita City Akabane Gymnasium
・Activity Days : Irregularly held

・Activities: Futsal and Soccer
・Activity Locations: Akabane Sports no Mori Koen and Toyo University General Sports Center
・Activity Days: Once a week on a weekday
・Comment: We are an active futsal team. Anyone who like soccer or futsal, please join us.

We mainly conduc volunteer activities and support many campus events.
We also conduct fund-raising activitiess.
We are planning to voluntary teach study to INIAD students.

・Activities: Create something new
・Activity locations: Club Room 3
・Activity days: Every Saturday (9:00-17:00)
・Comment: Do you have something that you want to create?


The "RED BULL" circle aims to deepen interaction with the circle members through music and to enhance the prosperity of music.
Basically, the member will belong to their band, and each band should set an individual goal to achieve and work towards it.
We will also aim to perform at the school festival and other activities at Toyo University.




(Study group of Proposal and Innovation for making a New Business)

We can freely propose a business plan and practical activities in our circle.

We are researching and making contact with outsiders positively, and always seeking for a new business model. All members are exchanging their thoughts about their projects. Because of these nature of us, we can build our diverse perspectives.

・Contact: here

Tennis Circle

This is a club for practicing tennis.
We welcome beginners and experienced players. Enjoy tennis with us.
We practice at Akabane campus.
Anyone is welcome !


・Activities: DTM
・Activity locations: Akabanedai Campus
・Activity days: Monday and Tuesday (8:00-20:30)
・Comment: We welcome beginners!
・Enjoy creating music with us.



Baseball Team

・Activity content: Baseball practice and games,  Competition participation
・Activity days: Wednesday, (Sunday)
・Activity place: Shin-arakawa big bridge ballpark, Chuokoen ballpark
・Comment: If you are interested in baseball, please contact us. Beginners are welcome.



10-2. Establish a New Circle

10-2-1.  About the Circle Activities at INIAD

Conditions of Establishment

・ Screening will be conducted by the Dean.
・ It is required to have at least four students when applying (Representative, vice representative, and two treasurers).  
・ It is required to have one advisor from the faculty members.

・ Circle representative must report to Administration office when there is member change.

■Merits of Establishing a Circle

・ Circles are allowed to use a Club Room or Locker if the Administration Office finds it necessary.
・ Circles are allowed to use Class Rooms for circle activities.
・ Circle members will be covered by the Gakkensai Insurance.
・ Financial Support might be provided for Circle activities.
・ Circle members can consult with the Administration Office regarding activities if needed.


・ All Circle members must keep good manners.
・ If there is a violation of compliance or law, the Circle will be suddenly dismissed.

10-2-2. Application Documents

Attached three files below are the application forms for establishing a new circle.
Make sure to submit to Administration Office via mail(

Application Documents
Application for INIAD Circle
Circle Member List
Circle Constitution

10-2-3. Booking Class Rooms

 Please apply from here