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Links to this site are allowed except for the following cases. The contents of each page and the URL may be changed without prior notification.

When a link is rejected

  • When the contents include libelous information against or cause distrust of Toyo University or a third party
  • When it is offensive to public order and morals
  • When it is connected to criminal actions
  • When it violates laws
  • When it may give misunderstanding to a third party such as when the Toyo University web page is developed inside of a frame
  • Other cases determined to be inappropriate by the university

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Icon Descriptions

Icons used on this site are explained in the following.

外部リンクアイコン(見本)External Site Marks
Sites linked with this mark are sites or services provided by an independent third party, and a separate window will open when a recommended browser is used.

アイコン:メールソフト起動用のマークMark for Activating E-mail Software
Links with this mark have a setting for activating e-mail software externally.

アイコン:PDFファイルのダウンロードマークPDF File Download Mark
Links with this mark have a setting for downloading a PDF file.

アイコン:WORDファイルのダウンロードマークWord File Download Mark
Links with this mark have a setting for downloading a Word file.

アイコン:EXCELファイルのダウンロードマークExcel File Download Mark
Links with this mark have a setting for downloading an Excel file.

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