Welcome Party for New Students of the Graduate School of Regional Development Studies Was Held.


On Thursday, September 29, 2016, we held a welcome party for new students enrolled in the Graduate School of Regional Development Studies to exchange information on research with current students and faculty members of the Graduate School of Regional Development Studies.

In addition, the dean, faculty members and international students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences also attended this event, which became an opportunity to interact beyond graduate schools.

Since there were a lot of international students including Asian students and those who use the programs of African Business Education Initiative for Youth and Pacific-LEADS (Pacific Leaders’ Educational Assistance for Development of State) in this event, the board chairman Fukukawa said “I would like you to be proud of standing on an important positon as a bridge between your home countries and Japan and devote yourselves to your research” as words of encouragement.

Additionally, the President Takemura told them “We also have Graduate school of Regional Development Studies which you have enrolled in on this campus. In this graduate school, you can lean various methods to develop sustainable societies and outside the country. I would like you to learn progressive approach and contribute to your own country.”

福川理事長 竹村学長

Shinji Fukukawa, Board chairman

Makio Takemura, President

A new student expressed his determination “I am very looking forward to student life here in Toyo University. As a representative of my country, I would like to learn a lot even one more things.”

And also, a representative of the current students gave new students some advice on research, talking about each research theme as a senior.

新入生 在校生

a new student

 a current student

After that, the event was closed with a lot of laughter after having a great conversation, enjoying food and drinks.


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