国際観光学科教員紹介(ロブソン グライアム)

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ロブソン グライアム (Graham Robson)






Monday 2nd period, Wednesday 1st period





  • 観光英語
  • 欧州ツーリズム
  • ゼミ1,3,4年



I am originally from the UK. I was born in Southampton on the south coast, famous for the starting port of the infamous Titanic. When I was young, I loved playing football and golf, which I still do sometimes now. I studied business at university and worked in a bank in London for 2 years after graduating university. While working at the bank I started doing volunteer teaching of English to African immigrants and loved it. Trying to escape the high pace of London life, I decided to go to Australia on a working holiday visa in 1997. That would change the rest of my wife because I met my now Japanese wife there. I have been in Japan for a total of 18 years. I have been working in the Tourism Department in Toyo since 2004. These days in Japan my days are busy with work, study and family. I love being in Japan because of nature, food and the service is excellent.



During your time at Toyo I hope you will come to understand the importance of English for work and friendship. Just as importance as the language, however, is curiosity. Always try to take time to ask questions both to yourself and others about what you see. Learning opportunities exist all around you.





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