3.Study Abroad Support Systems 学内留学支援制度

3-1. LEAP Program(Learning English for Academic Purposes)

LEAP is an English program intended mainly for students who are looking to study abroad. LEAP aims for students to acquire English language skills necessary to study abroad and to improve their TOEFL score. For more details, please search “Toyo University LEAP” on our university’s website.

3-2. Language Center Extracurricular Program

The Language Center (on the first floor of 8th building on Hakusan Campus) provides various support services for students who wish to study abroad and/or improve their English language skills. Various programs are available, including English writing seminars, English qualification exam preparation courses, and English conversation classes.

3-3. “Toyo Achieve English”

Toyo Achieve English”, the English courses focusing on conversation skills, are offered on Akabanedai Campus.
English courses focusing on conversation skills are held on five campuses. Small-group lessons, which allow students to learn English conversation every day during their free time between classes, and one-to-one lessons customized to individual student needs and levels are available. Various English courses are offered throughout the year (including summer and spring break).

* For more information on the content of courses and recruitment of students, please visit ToyoNet-ACE “TOYO GLOBAL DIAMOMDS (International Exchange Information)” on the Toyo University’s website (Super Global Projects)

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3-1. LEAPプログラム(Learning English for Academic Purposes)


3-2. ランゲージセンター課外プログラム


3-3. <キャンパス内留学>Toyo Achieve English英語講座

 赤羽台キャンパスでは、<キャンパス内留学>Toyo Achieve English英語講座を提供します。
<キャンパス内留学>Toyo Achieve Englishとは、会話を中心とした5キャンパスで学べる英語講座です。授業の空き時間を有効に使って毎日学べる少人数制グループレッスンと自分のレベルや希望に合った授業を受講できるマンツーマンレッスンを開講しています。また夏休み、春休みの長期休暇中も集中講座を開講し、年間を通じてプログラムを提供しています。

 * 講座内容・募集の詳細については、ToyoNet-ACE「TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS(国際交流情報)」東洋大学ホームページ(スーパーグローバル事業サイト)確認ください。

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