Message from Reginal Development Studies 学科代表者メッセージ

Message from Reginal Development Studies
Professor HISAMATSU, Yoshiaki

What is your community? Communities are groups of people with a common interest and/or common custom. Communities are changing and evolving day by day in the current world, where all the social networking activities are accelerating thanks to digital media.

Learning how to help communities thrive on site is the key to thrive yourself. Communities, at home and abroad, need you who can think globally and act locally. At our Department of Regional Development Studies (RDS), you will learn precisely how to think globally and act locally.

At Hakusan campus, you will think through a variety of topics from international politics, economics, culture, and to food and water problems of the world. You will learn English and other foreign languages, too. Off campus, you will have opportunities to act proactively both at home and abroad, through short-term field studies, long-term internships, and study-abroad programs.

You will learn every community has its own face, its own problem, and its own dream. You will find people’s empathy and logic. You are invited to challenge the community’s problems and you will create yourself in solving them. Join us. Put yourself in the driver’s seat. Together we can globalize the world from the bottom up. Your community is RDS.


(Prof. Hisamatsu at Santo Domingo, the capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic.)

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学科代表者:教授 久松 佳彰



国際地域学科での学びのベースになるのは、Think Globally, Act Locally = Globalization from the Bottom Up――「地に足の着いたグローバルを!」という言葉です。これに基づいて、私たちは政治や経済をはじめ、食料・水問題など身近な生活にも及ぶ幅広いテーマで授業科目を設け、国内外での調査型研修や長期インターンシップなど実践を通じた学びの機会も充実させています。



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