Educational Policy of Department of Global Innovation Studies グローバル・イノベーション学科の教育方針(ポリシー)

Education Policy of the Department of Global Innovation Studies

Admissions Policy

   The Department of Global Innovation Studies calls for international human assets who intend to contribute to the global society and aim to be a global leader. The Department aims to be wide open to the world so that students from both Japan and other countries can study together while sharing the same goals in a diverse environment. Therefore, while we look forward to students from Japan who hope to develop global perspectives and globally effective capabilities to play a leading role in the future of Japan, we also welcome aspiring international students who aim to serve as a bridge between Japan and other countries in the future. For this purpose, we use available systems, such as direct admission from abroad and the international transfer system.

   We look forward to students who are aware of the importance and joy of sharing their own views with people around the world, and, in particular, exchanging opinions and having discussions with other people, and who aspire to further broaden their scope of interest and further enhance their own capabilities in this Department. We also welcome international students who aim to develop their Japanese proficiency while learning various subjects, including “Japan’s economic growth” and “Japan’s technological progress,” and to become a leader of economic growth in their own country in the future while strengthening their relationships with Japan.

   Therefore, the Department requires new students to have the following abilities and aspirations, which it aims to help further develop:

  1. English proficiency equivalent to or higher than Grade 2 in the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency (or an equivalent grade in GTEC, TEAP or other test), and an eagerness to learn, use, and communicate in English
  2. Strong serious interest in various problems in the global society, and the aspiration to take action to resolve problems in the fields of global business and international collaboration by using their own dialogue skills
  3. Intention to take action to resolve problems based on tolerance and understanding of global diversity in cultural, social, economic, historical, environmental and various other contexts, in collaboration with diverse agents with different backgrounds

Curriculum Policy

   The Department of Global Innovation Studies offers liberal arts subjects, which aim for students to acquire a liberal arts education useful for the understanding of diversity and serving as a foundation for innovators in the global society, and “study skills” subjects, which enable students to improve their skills in learning, having dialogue, and performing activities in English, a communication medium in the global scenes of dialogue. And, based on these, the Department offers academic field subjects that are all taught in English, to build a well-balanced learning environment of expertise and practical application ability. In these academic field subjects, we incorporate the global system field, which enables students to learn ever-changing international situations and understand global frameworks, the international business field, which aims for students to systematically and practically acquire knowledge of economy and business administration necessary to human assets who engage in international business, and the international collaboration field, which leads students to resolve problems in the global society and to advance their careers. In addition, the Department offers various project-based subjects, including study outside Japan for one year, international internships and volunteer activities, which help students to acquire wide experience abroad, acting workshops for students to develop communication ability in English useful for succeeding in international activities, and learning journeys, which enable students to receive problem-solving education while traveling abroad. By creating a multilayered curriculum with these subjects focusing on both knowledge and practice, the Department aims to foster intellectual creativity, the ability of flexible thinking and judgment, and the diversity-friendly capability to collaborate with others, which all help students to serve as immediately useful human assets in the global society soon after graduation.

Diploma Policy

   Before graduation, students will acquire knowledge, philosophy, and the capabilities of dialogue and action, which are necessary for working as innovators in various fields in the global society. More specifically, students are required to strive for knowledge that is necessary for achieving innovations based on a good balance between society and economy in international business at global enterprises or in international negotiations or activities at international organizations, and for global perspectives based on a deep understanding of Japanese economy, society and culture. In a diverse environment with students both from Japan and other countries, students from Japan are desired to become globally effective human assets with an established identity, and international students to become human assets who lead innovations in the global society in collaboration with Japan, based on a deep understanding of Japanese culture and customs.

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グローバル・イノベーション学科 3つのポリシー



  1. 実用英語技能検定(英検)2級(あるいはGTEC・TEAPテストなどの同等水準)程度以上の英語力を有し、何より英語を学び、使い、コミュニケーションをすることが好きで積極的なこと。
  2. グローバル社会における諸問題に強い関心を持ち、対話力を駆使して国際ビジネスや国際コラボレーションの領域で問題解決に向けて行動することに対する意欲。
  3. 世界の多様な文化、社会、経済、歴史や環境など多様なコンテクスト(文脈)に対して寛容な理解を示し、異なる背景を持つさまざまな主体と協調しながら、問題解決に向けた行動を行う意思。





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