Purpose 学際・融合科学研究科の目的

(a) Fundamental science related to nanotechnology, bioscience and their fusion
(b) Development of nano-electronic devices
(c) Discovery of Extremophiles and their application to bio-nano technology
(d) Development of micro-bio sensors and micro-bio analytical systems

The Graduate School is also collaborating with foreign researchers including two Nobel Laureates and institutions to create advanced researchers from an international point of view. The students of the Course of Bio-Nano Science Fusion will give presentations at international symposia and conferences, and publish papers in advanced international journals so that they will be able to participate in the international activities immediately after they have obtained their degrees.

Outline of the courses

Bio-Nano Science Fusion Master Course

Lectures on fundamental science, workshops on advanced equipment and web educational programmes are provided so that the Master Course students understand the basic principles and mechanisms of phenomena occurring on nanoscales and learn how to operate advanced equipment such as electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopes and various spectroscopic analysers.

Bio-Nano Science Fusion Doctor Course

The Doctor Course students carry out advanced research in the fields of bio-nano science and technology fusion based on bioscience and nanotechnology. The students eventually publish papers in international journals of high impact factors.

Research titles

  • Synthesis and applications of semiconductor nanocrystals in biological imaging and solar light harvesting
  • Biocompatible nanoparticles: A nanoplatform for imaging and drug delivery to cancer cells
  • Mesoporous silica nanomaterials: Application in optical imaging and treatment of cancer related angiogenesis
  • Advanced hybrid electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds for biomedical applications
  • Synthesis and characterisation of targeted nano-regulators as potential therapeutic agents for controlling Alzheimer’s disease
  • Development of electrical and electrochemical biosensors based on aptamer-conjugated carbon nanotubes
  • Biofunctionalised magnetic nanoparticles for tumor therapy
  • Nanomaterials as growth effectors and imaging agents in rice plants

Papers published

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