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  6. Participation in the 6th APEC Conference in Vladivostok第6回APEC高等教育協力会議に参加

Participation in the 6th APEC Conference in Vladivostok 第6回APEC高等教育協力会議に参加

Participation in the 6th APEC Conference in Vladivostok, Russia

On September 6th, 2017, Dr. Takashi Sekiyama, Executive Director of UMAP IS, was invited as a guest speaker to the 6th APEC Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education which was held in Vladivostok, Russia. During the plenary session, there was a discussion of new challenges and opportunities for higher education in the Asia-Pacific. In his address, Dr. Sekiyama spoke about how UMAP's programs, goals, and scholarships have helped to promote cooperation within the Asia-Pacific region. The conference was an excellent opportunity to strongly appeal for further exchange participation from non-UMAP member countries.


Please refer to the file below for Dr.Sekiyama's presentation:

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2017年9月6日、ウラジオストック(ロシア)で行われた第6回APEC高等教育協力会議にUMAP事務次長・関山 健(本学 国際教育センター准教授)がゲストスピーカーとして呼ばれ、パネルディスカッションによりアジア太平洋での高等教育の課題や今後について話し合われました。また、UMAPが掲げるミッションや各種プログラム・奨学金制度がいかにアジア太平洋での交流事業の一躍を担っているかを説明され、UMAP未加盟国に対する加盟化を促進しました。



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